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Entering Summer, Introducing Sasa dress ⚓️ A black dress that versatile in any occasion, with accent of sailor collar. Back side with buttons. Notice the dress skirt is on the hip, the dress is all size and suitable for all body types Look at the detail of the dress : pleats on the top! And hidden pocket to keep your little treasure. Introducing Mika Overall, Super loose and baggy overeall with side pockets. Introducing AINO Outerwear     Introducing YOKO Overall    Please Stay Tune for our Next Collection!! 

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Dress up not to impress, but to please ourselves. Be ourselves and wear outfit that represent your character. Our motto, just wear anything that makes you happy. Established in Summer 2016, JIKA, taken from Bahasa Indonesia means IF. We are sisters who often wonder about random stuff. It's so random until one night we decided to launch our own ready-to-wear. We love summer holiday, we also love to play dress up, yet you might bump into us with our out-of-bed-look or bad hair day. We are pretty lazy to wear complicated outfit. Welcoming JIKA, a ready-to-wear that you can just wake up, jump off the bed and wear JIKA and voila! you are ready to go. Comfy and stylish in a...

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